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What Is Informfully?

Do you want to push news, videos, songs, or pictures to user panels and see how they react? We got you covered! Informfully is an all-in-one content delivery platform that allows you to set up your users studies within minutes. No coding required! Run it on Android, iOS, or in your browser. Give it a try and download it right now!

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Real-time monitoring

Look at how your users rate and engage with the recommended content. All interactions can be monitored online and exported.

Multimedia content

Pictures, podcasts, videos, or a mix of everything! Informfully supports a wide range of content types that you can push to users at any time.

In-app surveys

The app features a built-in survey tool that allows you to send questionnaires to the participants and personalized notifications. Evaluate the answers automatically and export them.

Use it for your own research

You can use Informfully for free in your own research. It can be custom-tailored to your prefereces and experimental design. Reach out to us and request a demo:

How does Informfully work?

Open an Informfully account

Reach out to use via to get access to the app's website for setting up your own user study. It is completely free!

Create experiments and enlist users

We provide you a web interface to configure your user study and to open accounts for your users. They can be exported and redistributed outside of our platform.

Get your content ready

Send us your multimedia items that you want to push to the users. Are you not allowed to share the content? You can also just give us a pointer to the online resource via an API. We take care of the rest.

Recommend it your way

Specify for each user what, how, and when they should see a specifc piece of content. Do you have an elaborate recommendation procedure in mind? Select from among the built-in solutions. You can also run your model and simply forward us the results.

Complementary user surveys

Do you need explicit feedback? Create complementary questionnairs. Do you need specific feedback for each item? Every recommendation can be equipped with a custom list of questions and rating options.

Ready? Go!

We allow you to launch betas to test everything. Once you are ready, you can launch the experiment. All interactions are automatically stored in the system. You can download the data at any point in time.

Free for Academia

As part of Informfully's committment to research, the services are offered for free to research institutions. Take a look at the projects below to see how Informfully was successfuly used in the past to support research.

Topic Diversity of News

Field experiment on topic diversity and how it impact user's perception of news and engagement rates, available online.

Minority Voices in Political News

User study on the impact of deliberative diversity that over-exposes minority voices in political discussions, available online.

App Screenshots

Download Informfully

Informfully is availabe for Android and iOS. The download is free. To get access to the full set of features, you need to be enrolled in a user study. Send an e-mail to to get full access.

Get access to the code on GitHub and join our community.